Meme Collection

Extensive Meme Collection for Freedom loving, tinfoil hat wearing, truth seeking, politically incorrect, unruly, conspiracy theorists with a fine sense of humour.

Laugh your ass off

Learn what’s really going on and

Live free!

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What’s in there?

Tons of laughter, relief and giggling mixed with hard-hitting facts, deep pearls of truth and quotes of wisdom. 6000+ handpicked and categorized (200+Folders) memes from just silly to dark humour to politically incorrect to hardcore red pill de-programming to inspirational wisdom.

$14.99 $8.99

It’s just perfect for: 


Finding the right Meme for (almost) any occasion or moment within seconds


Gracefully entertaining, educating, triggering or enlightening your family, friends, or social media contacts


Effectively building or decimating your email / contact lists / followers / fan base


Maintaining a sense of sanity and coping with a world that seems to have gone mad

Your benefits


Save precious lifetime

by not having to comb through tons of lame memes for hours to find just a few good ones


Quickly find a proper Meme

in the assorted folders. Get your point across easily, express your view, or add value to a discussion by elegantly dropping the perfect meme


Maintain your sanity

and cope with the lunacy of a world gone mad

Are you:

  • Narrow-minded and easily offended?
  • Obedient and subservient to authority?
  • A contented believer in mainstream media and overall champion of conformity?

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Do you:

  • Value freedom?
  • Enjoy critical thinking, de-programming yourself or waking up others?
  • Benefit from silly, politically incorrect, dark, hard-hitting humour, uncovered truth and inspiring quotes?

…then this is for you!

$14.99 $8.99


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Caution! I looked through the folders while at work and couldn’t stop laughing. Now I don’t have a job – but I’m still laughing!

Ben Derhover

Pure gold!!!! That’s just what I wanted: Memes galore, neatly sorted in folders by topics so I can find them within seconds and drop them into a live chat. My memegame is off the chain now!!

Jenny Tayla

I was waiting in line to get my flu-shot when my husband started to send me some memes from his MemeMaster folder – totally saved my life!

Anya Neeze

I peed myself a little bit when I saw the meme with little Jimmy standing besides the pig with the huge balls!

Willie Pizonya

Our full warranty: Should you be in any way disappointed or unsatisfied with this amazing meme collection and most importantly should you not laugh your ass off, or learn something or be inspired in some way while looking through all the memes neatly compiled for your perusal, we guarantee 100% that the small investment you made to keep us going is indeed the very least of your problems!

$14.99 $8.99

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